Welcome to the Purdue U Fort Wayne local chapter of the American Association of University Professors. We also are part of the Indiana Conference of the American Association of University Professors.

Spring 2020 Events!

  1. HAPPY HOUR RETURNS! Feb. 7, 2020, 4-7, Hop River Brewery, 5512 N. Harrison St., Fort Wayne
  2. Feb. 11th, 10 am, Kent Kauffman presents “The First Amendment, Academic Freedom, and Your (Provocative) Teaching Techniques.” RSVP through CELT.
  3. Feb. 14th, Monica Owens (AAUP national) training on chapter building. (RSVP to Noor: borbievn@pfw.edu
  4. March 28, 11-2: Univ. of Indy. State-wide spring meeting and financial analysis workshop.
  5. April 8: Henry Reichman visit. Details TBA.

Chapter meeting 2/3/20 (noon, KT G46) agenda

  1. Vote on minutes from November 2019 meeting
  2. Restructure bylaws to include new positions? Possibilities: Campaign director, Social media coordinator.
  3. Old Business
      1. Update on one-on-one meetings between Organization Committee members and campus faculty.
      1. Discussion of how insights from our chapter outreach conversations can inform the chapter and its campaigns
      1. TRAINING!! Feb. 14
    1. FACULTY WORKING CONDITIONS. AAUP chapter supports current campus efforts to strengthen CL role. What can our chapter do to continue to improve working conditions for CLs? How can we improve conditions for at-will instructional employees? AAUP states that any non-tenure track faculty member who has six or more years of continuous service should have de facto tenure. Purdue does not recognize this principle. Can we get our Senate to pass this (and maybe in coordination with the WL Senate) as a way to strengthen academic freedom and improve working conditions for all faculty?
    1. END USAP
      1. Discussion of metrics
      1. Systems Engineering proposal
      1. Senate resolution that EPC is working on
      1. Faculty survey (Noor Borbieva, Steven Buttes, Lee Roberts)
    1. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY. A number of new developments are concerning. How can we mobilize for better intellectual property rights?
  4. New business: Splitting COAS? Building alliances with PU campuses? Other?
  5. Scheduling spring happy hours!

December 2019 announcements!

  1. Our last 2019 HAPPY HOUR will be held Friday, Dec. 13th at Old Crown, from 3-7. Come celebrate the end of the semester with your colleagues!
  2. Many of you will have received the announcement about the Happy Hour over the AAUP listserv. To subscribe, send an email to LISTSERV@listserv.pfw.edu. In the body (not the subject) of the email, type: SUBSCRIBE AAUP-L. To post to the listserv, email your post to AAUP-L@LISTSERV.PFW.EDU. The listserv is moderated by members of the PFW AAUP chapter.
  3. SAVE THE DATE: We plan to hold the first chapter meeting of 2020 on Mon. 1/27 in KT G46. If the senate meeting from 1/13 runs into 1/27, our make-up date will be Mon. 2/3.
  4. We continue to do outreach on campus about our campaign to end program closures based on program viability metrics. In support of this work, a representative from AAUP national will be visiting campus in early Feb to run an organizational training. The Executive Committee will share more information as it becomes available. If you are interested in attending or otherwise joining this effort, please let me know off this thread.
  5. Finally, great news from the chapter: Our very own Steve Buttes is featured in Academe Blog, a website sponsored by the AAUP. His post, “Protect your intellectual property,” is available here.

KT G46: Agenda for 17 Sep 12-1:15 PM Meeting

Below is the agenda for meeting of the Fort Wayne chapter of the AAUP, which will take place a week from today, Monday, September 17, from noon to 1:15 pm in KT G46.

If you are an IU faculty member who wants to be involved in AAUP, please come to the meeting. For a local chapter to form at a university, there need to be at least seven faculty members who are members of the national AAUP organization on the campus. At present, there are not enough IU faculty members with the AAUP to form their own chapter, but you are more than welcome to be part of our group. The revised bylaws (attached) give the name of the university as Purdue Fort Wayne, because there are enough PFW faculty members in AAUP to have a chapter. However, if we need to formalize a mechanism to allow IU faculty members to be part of this chapter, we will happily do so.

Attachments: 2018.09.17.AAUP.Chapter.Meeting.AgendaPFW.Chapter.AAUP.BylawsPFW AAUP Resolution on Purdue Global

Fort Wayne chapter of AAUP meeting

Noon-1:15 pm

Monday, September 17, 2018

KT G46 

Initial Business

  • Approval of agenda

Information items

  • Meeting Sign-In
  • AAUP Membership
  • AAUP Privatization Survey
  • Purdue Global has backed down on non-disclosure agreements; still requires students to sign forced-arbitration clauses

New Business

  • Updating chapter bylaws (new university name, staggered terms for officers)
  • Nominations for chapter officers
  • Increasing membership; need people to serve on membership committee
  • Resolution urging Fort Wayne Senate to join AAUP in opposing Purdue Global’s enforcement of non-disclosure agreements, forced arbitration, and prior restraint

Items from the floor

Call for adjournment