The PFW Chapter of the American Association of University Professors

The Latest Updates

October 19, 2021: Our chapter has new leadership! As of our October 8 meeting, Steve Buttes was elected president. Noor Borbieva was elected secretary. The VP position is vacant.

September 10, 2021: Our chapter released a statement endorsing a senate resolution asking for a vaccine mandate on campus. On September 12, the Journal Gazette also endorsed the resolution, citing our statement, in this editorial.

June 20, 2021: Our chapter President, Dr. Noor Borbieva, and our chapter secretary, Dr. Steve Carr, published an op-ed in the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette responding to recent actions by the Board of Trustees that use a new civics literacy requirement to violate shared governance. Read the op-ed here.

May 9, 2021: The Purdue Board of Trustees will impose a civics literacy curricular requirement on all Purdue system students without the consent of the faculty. See our page of resources for more information.

Upcoming Meetings:

Our Fall 2021 meeting was held on October 8. Minutes will be posted soon.

Anyone with teaching responsibilities at PFW is welcome to attend our meetings. You can get the link from any member of the chapter, including the Executive Committee. Others, please request permission from the Executive Committee. EC contact info here.

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